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Parasha Commentary

Parasha Commentary

I have been writing these commentaries for several years and they are all included here, one after the other. As you read them, you will see a lot of change from one to the other, you may even find contradictions from one year to the next. I left them that way because I beleive that by gaining insight into the process by which I have grown you can gain encouragement to do the same. There is nothing wrong with admitting you are wrong, that things change, that new information or experience can lead to new conclusions. That has been my journey and I invite you to join it with me.

Bereishit Bereishit Noach Lech Lecha Vayeira Chayei Sarah Toledot
Vayetzei Vayishlach Vayeishev Mikeitz Vayigash Veyechi
Shemot Shemot Va'eira Bo Beshalach Yisro
Mishpatim Terumah Tetzaveh Ki Thisa Vayakhel Pekudei
Vayikra Vayikra Tzav Shemeni Tzaria Metzora
Acharei Mot Kedoshim Emor Behar Bechukotai
Bamidbar Bamidbar Nasso Beha'alotecha Shelach Korach
Chukas Balak Pinchas Mattos Masai
Devarim Devarim Va'eschanan Eikev Re'eh Shoftim
Ki Tetze Ki Tavo Nitzvaim Haazinu Vezot Haberachah