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Books and Treatise

How Biblical Judaism Became Christianity A New Traslation of Genesis with Commentary The Bride of God and the Messaih Understanding the New Covenant Avraham and Moshe; A New Paradigm of Covenantal Understanding Understanding the Holy Spirit

Tracts and Brochures

Torah and the Believer Legalism, Grace and Obedience The Name of G-d and Messiah Mark of the Beast, Mark of G-d The Gentiles and the Nazarenes;A Look at Cornelius


What about the Christians? Teaching our Children Identiy Crisis in Messianic Judaism Sanctification, Torah and the Believer What Does It Mean to Believe?
Developing Spiritual Maturity Understanding Atonement Why I'm not a Christain Is Religion a Good Thing?
Glossary of Terms Weekly Parasha Commentary