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Project Shomrim (the keepers) is an outline for the creation of a state in which spiritual people can live and work and raise their children in freedom and according to the precepts of the Scriptures.  That such a place could ever exist is doubtful and if it did, would it last?  There are several reasons for this, I will mention the two biggest.  First, most spiritual people are religious and close-minded and would often give into the desire to legislate their own views if given the chance.  If a large group of people made up of several smaller groups who valued Torah or some other philosophical viewpoint, each smaller group would try to force the others to adopt their view or behavior through legislation.  To even get such groups together would be a feat of gigantic proportions.  The second is that few people want to put in the work and take the risks associated with such a project.  We have been conditioned to accept the status quo and few have the vision or the guts to operate outside the box.  We continue to do our religious thing and enjoy the security of our western socialist democracies.
Why then even propose it?  Because this is the logical conclusion of Torah observance.  The children of Israel did not stay in Egypt and follow the laws of Moshe.  For a people to be free to covenant with God, they must be truly free.  There is no place on earth where such a thing is true.  Shomrim is meant to be that place.

Project outline and Justification

Proposed Constitutional Covenant