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Thursday June 1, 2006

    The sale was a big success, too much so.  I called the mover two days before the move and he sounded a bit unsure and then told me it was going to cost close to ten thousand dollars!!!!  That was almost three times the original quote!!  Needless to say, the boat is still in the yard.  That morning I got on the phone and started calling.  I called house movers, including the company that moved the lighthouse on the Outer Banks.  Lining up another crane wasn't too hard but finding a truck was the tough part.  I searched the Internet, e-mailed people, I called, I visited boatyards.  Most said no, some thought about it and said no, a few gave some outrageous quotes and two were possibilities.  The new date is set for the 19th.
    As I said, the previous mover really screwed things up.  We sold one of the cars, the lawn mower, the dining room set, the air conditioners and several other things that we could really use about now since we're still here.  We also sent the dog to a new home which was hard on everyone, especially Kelly.  We could have had her for another month.  But I will say that everything will work out.  I am taking the time to do all kind of other thing, little things I figured I'd be doing at anchor.  Finishing latches, touching up painting, packing and repacking.  There were some major things however.  The refrigerator is installed and I have been working on the motor. 
    This motor uses a lot more amps than expected.  I hooked it u to a battery switch just to turn it on to see it work.  It worked and it melted the switch!  It may be only 48 volts but it takes a lot of power.  I ordered a lot more parts, controllers, throttles, fuses and very heavy wire.  I did get a heavy battery switch so I did see it work.  If the stuff comes in reasonable time, it should be ready to go.
    In order to get it out, I need to take care of the 'sinking' problem.  So I have to build a driveway.  Fortunately I have a friend with a backhoe who will do the excavation so I will just have to pay for the stone.  It should all work out well.  Yesterday I sent the notice we were leaving since our lease is up at the end of the month.
    One very positive note, Rebe's urinary/bowel problem has been rapidly improving and she is off all the antibiotics and is just on the 'laxative'.  She hasn't had an infection for a while so I'm hoping that all that is behind us.