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Saturday April 1, 2006
    Less than four weeks to launch.  It was finally warm enough to use the resin again so I put the final gelcoat on the sides and began painting the gold trim...looks sharp!  The 'head' is nearly finished, just have to hook up the hoses for the holding tank and close things up.  I received my solar marine package; 125 watt solar panel, charge controller, inverter and cables.  I'll have to do a bit of reading although installation doesn't look too difficult.
      The masts are finally finished, that was a lot of work!  But they  are together and the bowsprit is up.  Kelly's dad was down and helped with that.  The topmasts are rather heavy but they fit into their holes nicely.  The bowsprit and jib boom are up and they look good.  They will have to come down for the move but that's not too hard, I can begin rigging awhile.  I've begun to add hardware as well.    The main rigging can start as well, I had my 3/8 cable delivered this week, all eight hundred feet of it.  I had to make an accurate scale drawing with the real mast measurements for the cutting.  Don't want to cut anything too short but I also don't want to waste material.
      Finally, I have one sail yet to do, the gaff mainsail.  I also carved the trailboard with our hailing port on it, carved our HIN into the transom and almost finished my son's room.  It has also become time to get serious about divesting ourselves of stuff.  I took some pictures of some of our things to post around and put one of our cars on the web.  Kelly's almost finished with her cushions, only three more backs to do, they look really nice.  There's still a lot to do but we'll be ready for launch.

Monday April 17, 2006
    Ten day to launch.  It's raining today.  Fortunately, it hasn't rained much this spring so far and I hope that holds through next week.  I installed one of the bilge pumps and the other one is wired as soon as the well is epoxied it can be screwed in place.  The first coat of bottom paint is on and with the gold trim, it looks sharp.  I installed the cats for the anchors and hoisted the anchors up as well.  The hawsepipes are just two inch pipe through the sides and the cats have simple trailer rollers bolted onto the ends to guide the chain.  All the shrouds and stays are attached to the masts and yesterday I put ratlines in the upper stays and began painting the shrouds black.  All the wire is looped around the masts and then spliced into itself so there are no fittings up there to fail.  I also started bending the steel that will hold the deadeyes to the chainplates.  It's not easy but with clamps, wood and the proper leverage, the quarter inch steel is taking shape.  I've been making up a list of final things I need for launch although there will be another list that will start as soon as it's in the water!  I'm picking up the prop shaft today and might be selling the van. 
    Kelly has been very stressed and somewhat depressed the last few weeks.  The financial responsibility for this has been on her since my money ran out and she is worried about being ready.  She is also concerned about the kids adapting.  Doing things on a shoestring makes it stressful as well and if the tide allowed, I'd put the launch off for a couple of weeks but I need the extra half foot of water to make sure she gets out of the harbor without any problem.  I am looking forward to getting past all this and moving aboard.


Friday May 5, 2006

    Well, I got my wish from the last entry.  We are all ready to go, the equipment showed up and when they went to drive the crane up to the boat, the ground was too soft!  There were a lot of upset people around here but I was OK with it.  My father and I had sounded the channel and had seven to eight feet of water at low tide so we shouldn't have a problem.  It is now scheduled for Wednesday May 10 and the movers are going to bring in a bunch of metal plates for the equipment to ride on.  Fortunately, it continues to be dry so that shouldn't be a problem.
    We continue to pack and divest.  Our moving sale is this Sunday and I hope it goes well, I want to get our fridge with the money.  The van is on E-bay so if the little car can hold together for two more months, that would be great.
    Since the boat was ready to go last week, here hasn't been a lot to do.  We did finish the deck off with another coat of polyurethane with sand mixed in for non-slip purposes.  I made the motor brackets and I hope to have that installed so we can move out under our own power this time.  I've been making more of the rigging pieces and other small things here and there.  Hopefully, my next entry will include a flawless launch!