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Monday February 13, 2006

    The floor, or 'sole', is almost finished.  I ripped two by stock into one eighth in thick strips and epoxied and nailed them to the plywood.  It was then stained and polyurathaned.  Looks pretty good.  I put up a lot of cabinet doors and finished putting molding the the two rear staterooms.  I finished the topsails and have half of a mainsail done.  That is a lot of fabric!  The main courses are twenty feet wide by twenty-two feet long.  The combination of machine sewing the seams and hand sewing in the bolt ropes makes for a lengthy process.  I still have to add grommets to all the sails but O have to lay them out again for that.  One of these days I take them all to the community center and do that.
    I picked up the wood for the main yards today.  I must say that two twenty-four foot long six by sixes on top of the van was a little hairy, Kelly was especially worried.  But we got them home all right.  Before I start shaping them I'm bending the chainplates to shape on them.  The weight helps with the leverage.  I turned out not to be much of a blacksmith.  I do not have the ability to heat up the steel enough to get it to bend in a tight radius so I'm just going to drill holes at the end and use a big shackle or something to attach the dead-eyes.
    We've been taking care of some other things too.  We sent in out passport applications and I've been trying to find someone to move this thing in April.  I may have had some luck with a local crane company, at least he didn't say no!  I've been doing some shopping on E-bay and so far I've picked up a sixty five pound Bruce anchor for $165 and two anchor lights, one electric and one kerosene.  I've been trying to get some folding bikes but I haven't won any yet.  I've also been trying to find a reasonably cheap ham rig, not too easy!  But persistence is everything and with less than three months, persistence and speed will be the order of the day!  But for now, we received our second snowfall of the year so the last two days have been sewing and other work.  As long as something is getting done!


Saturday March 18, 2006

    To finish the last entry, I did get all the things I was looking for, on Ebay.  We got five folding bike, all the same, for an average price of $65 including shipping.  T also got a ham rig, a Kenwood TS-520 with an antenna tuner and mike that receives well, but I haven't gotten the dummy load to test transmission.  I also have someone to move the boat to the water.  With less than a month and a half, it is time to tie up these loose ends.  Kelly also Got her passport and I took care of the documentation process with the Coast Guard.
      As to the construction process, the chainplates are on, through bolted with 1/2 inch galvanized bolts.  The floor in the 'head' is installed as well as the toilet itself.  Kelly has been working on the cushions and has finished several, they look good.  I also finished all the square sails and only have three more to do to complete our inventory.  'Veronica' has several coats of paint on as well and as soon as the weather warms up, the outside will be painted.
    In the past week I also have been working on the spars.  Those are a lot of work.  The main yards and the topmasts were all dimensional lumber to begin with.  Rounding a 6X6 and a 6X8 is a lot of work, by hand.  First the corners were taken off with the circular saw  and then the hand plane does the rest.  I also received the poles that are going to make up the masts.  They were forty feet long and 14" at the base.  That was a little to big but is was all I could find so they have to be whittled down.  I was exhausted after that work yesterday.  That process is to run the circular saw over the surface at the correct depth and then knock out the pieces with the hammer.  Then it had to be smoothed out with the chisel and then the hand plane again.  Good exercise but exhausting!