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Sunday October 2, 2005

    It has been a while since the last entry and work has been sporadic.  I was hoping to have more money to work with but car trouble struck again.  Last month we had to spend $850 on the transmission and as you can imagine, that amount of money could have gone a long way.  We are getting things going again however.  Veronica is mounted although not painted.  She had been epoxied to protect her from the weather until that happens.  The deck has been refinished, I hope not to have to do that again for a long time.  The sides have been redone again and there are still imperfections but at some point enough is enough.  There are a lot of square feet to cover and three times is enough!  It is not a yacht finish but it is acceptable.  It needs a few more layers of resin but it is smooth enough.
    The cabin top has all it's trim and the hatch is in place although the runners are not installed.  The cabin top is designed to catch water and the forward edges have scuppers to funnel the water.  The rudder parts are in place and the supports for the quarter deck are in place.  I carved some decoration into the sides of the cabin and trimmed it in gold.  The davits for 'Pumba', our eight foot punt, are ready.  They are simply four by fours hanging off the stern.  I've also started work on the capstan.  It involves four by fours around a two inch PVC pipe, two layers of three quarter inch plywood around the bottom wit a notch to receive the pawl.
    We have been doing a bit of sailing before I sell our old Ensenada.  My son Will continues to have a rough time.  Any time the boat heels he screams and is often miserable the whole outing.  When the wind is aft he's often Ok and when we took Dory out, even with the sail, he was fine with that.  Dealing with such irrational fear is tough, it drives Kelly crazy and it gets to me as well.  Fortunately, he has done well at times, even steering and docking, but I must say it is bothersome.  I wonder how he'll be on Peregrine.  I assume he'll get over it, he has to, the boat will require all of us to pull our weight.
    We're going to the Annapolis Sailboat show next weekend.  I'm hoping we have some money for shopping.  I've done some research as to prices on equipment so we'll be looking for deals.  Perhaps there will be some good speakers as well.  The shows are always fun.


Friday October 21, 2005

      Kelly's father was here last weekend and we put the plywood on the quarterdeck.  It is two layers of five-eighths and it will get one by fours on top of that.  It has a railing dividing it from the rest of the deck held up by five oak spindles and two two by eights.  I also carved a design in the boom crutch which will be installed shortly.  I went through another five gallon container of resin, one of the times sanding the entire boat by hand and then painting it with a four inch brush.  That took a while.  I began putting on the trim including Veronica's fins. 
    The boat show was good although we didn't go in many boats.  Got a lot of information on a lot of stuff we need to get along with a few wishes.  Adding it all up, the equipment necessary to get in the water and underway comes to about $3500.  That does not include any rigging, masts or the rest of the construction cost.  Needless to say, an influx of cash would be helpful.  That may come this weekend.  I put our Ensenada on the Internet and lo and behold, there is a man from Minnesota coming this weekend for it.  I can hardly believe someone would come that far but I'm not going to complain.  I'm sure my good weather isn't going to hold out too much longer, it is the last week of October and I'm trying to get the outside finished.  If the deal goes through and the weather holds up, it should be accomplished.  We're going to Florida the following week so I'd like to get it done.