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Saturday February 12, 2005

      It has been a very busy two weeks.  I installed the rest of the floor in the main cabin and put wainscoting and the floor in the upper cabin.  The bedroom area in Bubba's cabin is painted and Rebe's stateroom has all the walls and a closet now.  I painted the upper cabin and the interior cabin.  I also made most of the kitchen cabinets and the rest of the drawers so I will attach them this week.  As I sit down and write it it doesn't sound like a lot but all the plywood has to be cut according to a pattern and attached, filled with wood putty, sanded and then painted with several coats.  It looks good but takes a lot of work.
    Next weekend I am trying to schedule some help to install the plywood on the bottom so I can cover and finish the outside.  The owners of our home have put our house up for sale.  I'm not sure what is going to happen there.  We may just change landlords but if someone wants to move in that will present a problem, the boat's not ready yet as you can imagine.  We did get our tax refund which will provide the money needed to finish the basics to get it in the water but not all the systems.  I'm sure everything will work out, it has so far.  I'll just keep plugging away as I have, it will get done!

Saturday Feburary 19, 2005

    I worked pretty hard this week.  Did a lot of finishing work inside and out.  Rebe's cabin is ready to paint, she picked out a paint called 'candy tuft'.  It looks like pink cotton candy.  Put a lot of her floor in and painted the room next to it that will house the porta potty and the foul weather gear.  I closed up the outside so now I have to go in the top.  Fortunately there was a ladder laying around that was high enough to go up the side.  I also put on the back of the cabin house where the hatch will be.  I have a couple of large items to go inside and then I will close that up as well.
    Yesterday was a tough day.  My friend Jerry, who is a contractor by trade, came out to help put the three quarter inch treated plywood on the bottom.  That is heavy stuff but the curve on the bottom isn't too severe and the ply didn't have any trouble bending around it.  He did a very nice job beveling the edges and fitting things in very nicely.  Having his nail gun to tack things up made it a bit easier.  It was glued and screwed as is everything else.  Three inch screws along the edges and two inch screws everywhere else.  I must say that I'm glad I don't do this for a living.  There are some things that I only want to do once!


Saturday, March 5, 2005

    Although the temperature doesn't show it yet, I suppose spring is on it's way.  It has been cold but the week has been spent preparing the bottom for it's epoxy and fiberglass covering.  All those seams and nail holes have been covered with a mixture of epoxy and sawdust and in a few places, Bondo.  Covering them was enough of a pain, sanding them was something else.  The sandpaper clogged so quickly and it ended up being 'smeared' flat rather than sanded.  It ended up smooth regardless but I'll be glad when it's all finished.  I epoxied on a four inch wide band along the chine, tomorrow I will do the rabbet and the transom.  Once those are done and the rest of the nail holes sanded, it will be ready for fiberglass cloth.  This is another one of those things I'm glad I don't do for a living.
    Rebe picked out her pink paint and I painted her room.  I must admit that it looks like the inside of a 'Pepto Bismol' bottle but she likes it.  There were two other major accomplishments this week.  One was to put the sides on the cabin top.  The fore and aft ends are three quarter inch plywood and the sides are two by material.  I cut out the portholes, two on each side and four in the front.  The roof beams were installed and a coat of mahogany stain was applied.  Looks pretty good.  The other thing I did was build the first of two dingies.  This one was an eight foot punt we decided to name 'Pumba' since it's wide in the middle and blunt at each end.  It's made of quarter inch plywood following plans from a book called '53 Boats You Can Build'.  The sides are stained red mahogany like the deck woodwork of 'Peregrine' and it is at the point where it received it's first coat of epoxy.  I'll glass the bottom tomorrow and finish up when we get back from our trip to Florida to see my parents.  I am expecting that the next time we head to Florida it we be aboard 'Peregrine'.  When we get back I will have about four months until the launch date.  Kelly seems overwhelmed by the prospect, she keeps looking at all the things we have to do yet, and there are many.  But it we just keep plugging along, one thing at a time, everything will get done.