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Monday November 1, 2004

    More work inside and out this week.  Finished the galley cabinets and put two coats of paint on them.  The color scheme is a dark green on the plywood surfaces surrounded by natural wood.  There is still a question as to what the cabinet fronts will look like.  We have some time for that decision.  Closed in the captains berth and used scraps of plywood to cover some other areas as well.  There was another couple of plywood sheets on the port side and decided that the fiberglass cloth will smooth out a lot of the checks in the plywood.  I'll see whether that is true when I cover the deck.
    I'm going to lose my father at the end of this week when my parents head for the warm weather of Florida, not that it's been that cold lately.  We were even out on the boat for a few hours yesterday.  It is an interesting thing, sailing.  I heard the local weather the night before that said the wind may be up to forty miles an hour.  In the morning, when the wind is usually lighter, it was beautiful.  I got everyone up so we could get some time in before it got too windy.  My son started crying, he didn't want to go.  It seems no matter how many times we go, he is still very apprehensive.  While we were getting the sails on and setting up to go, a couple came over to warn us about the cold front coming with high winds.  My wife now started to get nervous, saying we would not be out long.  Even though the wind was still light I put on the regular jib instead of the genoa.  We did a big triangle in the river and came back, having been out around an hour.  I was concerned about being out if the wind really piped up.  All day I was looking out the window, thinking what a beautiful day it was for sailing, the winds never came.  The weather people have been very inaccurate lately and relying of them is not something I am confident with but it is all I have.  When we are out on Peregrine we are going to have to rely more on ourselves an the skills we will develop to deal with such inaccuracies.  That we will have to work on.  My son, by the way, ended up helping and enjoying himself as he usually does.

Monday November 8, 2004

    I lost my helper this weekend-my father headed to Florida.  I haven't had as much work for him as I wish I had but I can only buy material when I have money.  I did come up with some this weekend and I was able to put on the second deck layer today, at least up to the coach roof.  It is 5/8 plywood over the 1/2 inch already there, glued and screwed.  I had done some more work inside over the last week as well.  I have a place to put charts over the desk, I framed out the two water tanks in the dining area, did some more painting and more of the bottom.  There has been plenty of little things to do as well-always busy.
    Went sailing again on Saturday.  It was breezy enough to just have the main up and we stayed out a little longer this time.  Will was unhappy again although he didn't start until we were out on the water this time.  He helps when we cast off and when we come back but in between he whimpers and scowls.  Interestingly enough, he does a lot of his scowling from the bow pulpit.  Kelly insists on getting him some lessons before we head off so we'll try to go to Boston again in the spring.

Saturday November 13, 2004

    This week was work done mostly on the deck, above and below.  On the deck the edges were trimmed and sanded, ready for epoxy and cloth.  The sheer is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, it has its dips and rises but it is acceptable.  Between the deck and the rubrail, I think most of the flaws will be hidden.  Below, I prepared to paint the 'ceiling'.  The epoxy and cloth were applied on Wednesday, mostly and all day job.  It has a few wrinkles and I was a little short of cloth but I'll remedy that this week.  It rained yesterday and it leaks in a few places.  It needs another coat.
    I screwed the deck on mostly from below except where it was over the roof beams.  That meant a lot of holes to fill and seams to conceal.  Water resistant wood putty did the trick and most of the ceiling has two coats of semi-gloss exterior paint on it.  It needs at least one more but I must say it looks pretty good.  Once that is done I can finish up the walls, painting and putting up the wainscoted plywood on the rest of the walls without having to worry about getting white paint on it.  The interior is really starting to come together now.


Wednesday November 24, 2004

    Did most of my work inside this week.  The deck needed another coat because of a few leaks and although I think there is still one or two, I covered it with a tarp for now and that will keep the inside dry.  I started putting up walls, beaded plywood or wainscoting.  Patterns are the key here.  I have some 18" wide paper that I staple in place and then mark, take down and cut.  Very little trimming is needed to fit them in place and they fit rather snugly.  I put it up in the hallway, most of the forward stateroom and the dining/navigation area.  It has one coat of polyurethane on it and so far, it looks pretty good.
      I also began putting up the molding around all the corners, roof beams and other protrusions.  That is rather tedious work!  I also installed a shelf in the stateroom and prepared for one in the nav station. Again, patterns are the key! Over the green paint on the cabinets, I put a coat of satin polyurethane to protect it and give it a little gloss.  It turned out pretty good.  Heading to PA for Thanksgiving so I won't get to work again until next week.