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Sunday, October 24, 2004
    This week has been more tandem work, inside and outside.  The weather has been less than desirable, cold windy with some rain and drizzle thrown in, not great working conditions.  Even so, my father and I have been putting on the outside layer of plywood.  I was originally going to find something thinner to put on, mainly because of cost, but at Home Depot their three ply half inch plywood was fifty cents cheaper than three-eighths inch.  So I opted for another 1/2 inch layer slapped on with waterproof construction adhesive and a lot of two inch screws.  Once on I go over it with a weather resistent wood putty and sand it down with a belt sander.  The wood putty should be fine under the layer of glass and epoxy.  Below the chine I will probably use an epoxy putty.  Then it all gets another coat of weatherproofing to keep it in good shape until I am ready for the cloth and epoxy treatment.
      Inside, I finished framing out the portside rear stateroom and my father prepped the walls and applied the first layer of polyurethane.  The fir two by six inner layer, where it is exposed. looks really good with a couple of coats.  I rounded up enough scraps of plywood and two-by stuff to do more inside work.  I enclosed the upper galley cabinets ad well as the locker in the forward port stateroom.  That won't get painted yet since one of the children will be making it their own.  Once we decide who will be staying where, I am going to let them pick their decor so their can make their rooms their own.  I see yellow for my oldest-she's a SpongeBob fan, and pink for my youngest who is into princesses.  The boy hasn't given me any idea yet.  I also made two railing ends out of scrap 4X4, they'll look pretty classy where the drop from the railing on the after deck meets the mid deck area.  Although I long ago decided in high (2 1/2 to three ft.) solid bulwarks at the bow and stern, this week I decided on a solid rail with netting below for the mid-deck or waist of the ship.  I want to do all I can to keep people aboard.
    Last night I was at a birthday party for one of our friend's kids and I got talking about or project to some of the folks there from the Seventh-Day Adventist church we attend.  Besides the usual questions of size, weather and launch date, they were asking about the kids.  One of the more interesting questions was about the kids 'growing up too fast' aboard.  I thought about it for a moment and I disagreed.  I do believe that they will become more responsible than kids their age because of the tasks they will be assigned aboard ship.  Look at it this way.  When my son is eleven or twelve and kids his age can only dream of driving a car in a few years, he will be learning how to competently handle a sixty foot, thirty five ton sailing vessel.  That is responsibility.  The second is that so many of the things that force kids to grow up so fast in our society will be minimized once we are on the water.  Admittedly, there isn't much TV now.  Down here on the eastern shore we only get three channels, one of which is PBS.  But once out on the water and even more so out of the country, that will be nonexistent along with all the messages of sex and consumerism of radio, billboards and their friends.  We will not have Internet on board and our worries about depraved sickos doing things to us and our kids while we are in a supermarket are reduced exponentially.  Yes, I know we have to be wary as cruisers in many ways, but it is a fundamentally different wariness.  It is more basic-wear your life jacket when we are underway, than the more nuanced wariness that our society has produced-don't talk to any strangers or they may snatch you, or do weird things that I would rather not tell you about since you're only six.  And because of this, our society has been closing itself against it's neighbors.  No one trusts anyone any more and we have isolated ourselves in our own homes, making them fortresses against the outside world.  But our fortresses only exist in our minds because the world intrudes through the radio, the computer, the TV and the telephone and we feel powerless to stop it.  No, My kids will hold on to childhood a lot longer once they are no longer surrounded by all that crap.  And I believe Kelly and myself will be better off too.  Our brains will slowly be rewired for a different pace of life.  I can't wait to go.