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Friday, May 14, 2004

Just had a beautiful day of sailing on the Nanticoke River.  Kelly was home sleeping and I took the kids out.  Didn't really practice anything, just getting reacclimated.  It was uneventful for the most part.  Yesterday when I put it in the water I was approached by one of the regulars who invited me to be part of their racing fleet on Thursday evenings.  Although our old boat is no speedster, it sounds like fun and good practice. 
    I set the keel upright earlier this week.  It was a lot less eventful that I thought it would be.  One six ton jack reset a bunch of times did the trick.  It is a little wavy where the plywood did not support it fully but it's not too bad.  Finished the last big frame and corrected a few mistakes so I am ready to set up my hoist and begin setting up the stem and some frames.  I would get a lot more done but I find it difficult to put is a full day with one of the problems of our location.  The Mayflies are horrible!  I have to be fully clothed and covered in bug spray just to tolerate their incessant attacks.  It's better in the morning but by one o'clock it's impossible to work.  I am assured in a week or two they will be gone-can't wait for that!  I hate to waste what would otherwise be perfect weather for working.

Sunday May 23, 2004

    This was an exciting week.  A pile of lumber and concrete has begun to look like a boat!  I've put up eight frames this week, three to eleven along with half the stem.  They are lifted and hoisted into place where they are attached at the rabbet with a screw or two to hold it in place.  Then it is shifted until the plumb bob is over the centerline in the proper place.  It is also squared up.  The frame is then attached to the keel with a 5/16 in screw.  The floor is then cut to size and clamped in place.  The floor is attached to the frames with 3/8 in bolts and to the keel bolts.  I began to square all of them up together in preparation for adding the chine and sheer pieces but that will be a little while yet.  I have to finish the stem and then work on the stern.  Work is much easier since the flies have diminished!

Friday June 4, 2004

    'Peregrine' is something to behold now.  Last week I attached the rest of the stem with some heavy duty bolts and 2X6 braces.  With the addition of the final forward frames the work on the bow framing was complete.  My father Bill helped me this week and we got even more accomplished.  We added frames 12 and 13 and installed the rudder post, a big 6X6 piece.  All the frames were then squared up and we put a batten along the chine and marked out our notches.  I was cutting notches with a chain saw until that gave out and then used the circular saw which actually made neater notches.  We then screwed a 2X6X16 into place, beginning at the stem.  The 2X6 in the next section needed to be cut in half to make the bend and we installed that as well.  I then went back and used a hand saw along the bottom of the frame to find out the outside angle of the chine.  I used a batten again to line up the marks, splitting the difference with those that were out of line (yes, there were a few!).  I then took the angles from the plan and cut the bottom of the chine with the circular saw.  Voila!  The front half of the boat of the boat is ready for planking, except for a little chiseling of the rabbet and sanding the chine and adding the bottom stringers.  Now I need to work my way to the transom.
    Been on our 20' sailboat quite a bit as well. The kids are really starting to enjoy it, even my oldest who has been the least thrilled about living aboard.  We've been heeling it a lot more lately and they are getting used to it, instead of panicking every time we go over ten degrees.  I even crewed in my first race last night, I'm looking forward to joining them as a competitor when we have a free Thursday night.  Kelly picked up a notebook today that she says is going to be for all her boating info.  She is worried about being disorganized and she is trying to accumulate all the information she can to help her 'get it all together'.  Preparation is good and I encourage it but we also will be learning on the fly and will have to make a lot of adjustments to our planning.  We have to learn to enjoy the unexpected!