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Progress on Peregrine

Wed April 7, 2004

Although we are still in the process of finishing our move, I finished building the platform.  It is made of four by fours on concrete blocks, four feet apart.  Then part of it was covered with 5/8 plywood that will serve as the bottom of the concrete form when the keel is poured.  Although it is only 40 feet long, it gives some scale to the project.  Put an order in for the keel lumber at Lowes this afternoon.  Can't wait to actually begin building.

Wed. April 14, 2004

This has been our first week of work on the boat since we moved.  It was exciting to get our first load of wood delivered from Lowes on Friday and I went right to work.  The keel is being assembled from two-by stock and I have three more layers to do at this point.  We are heading back to Reading to pick up our last few items at the old house and then it will be back to work next week.  Hopefully the weather will be better.  It had rained since Sunday and while the tarp has helped, I can't leave it up when it gets windy.  Even so, I've been able to put in six to eight hours a day and have accomplished a lot even in an abbreviated and wet week.
    Living in Nanticoke is a lot different than living in the city.  In many ways it is preparing us for the cruising lifestyle.  There are no convenience stores or Walmarts in this town.  We have to do a lot more planning when we 'provision' our home because we don't want to have to drive a half hour to get to the grocery store.  The water from the well on our property has a high sulfer and iron content and is not really palatable, therefore we have been carrying drinking water from various outher places.  We also moved from a large five bedroom city home to a small three bedroom ranch  so we have gotten rid of a lot of stuff.  We will continue this process over the next year.  Because of the lack of room and a comittment of our resources to the construction of our boat, we will not accumulate any more frivolous stuff either.  We even decided that for birthdays and such, the kids will not be getting unnecessary toys that will quickly lose their appaeal but we will concentrate on giving them experiences, taking them special places instead.  Simplification is hard to start but there is a release involved that is wonderful.

It All


Saturday, April 24, 2004

The weather has finally improved and a lot was accomplished again this week.  Finished the layers on the main keel, put on the outside flat layers which included the rabbet groove and turned it over.  let me tell you, it's heavy!  I had to put wedges under it and then pry it up with a 4X4.  I had to do this several times to have both sides done.  I then put it on it's side and straightened it out on the form.  My reference line showed a quarter inch bow in the middle, not bad for something thirty seven feet long, I'll live with it.  I ordered the concrete on Thursday to be delivered Wed.  I put in the keel and floor bolts as well as some hex bolts to keep the concrete adhered to the keel.  I then built the form around it and when I add the rebar, it will be ready for the concrete.
    Kelly and I had a little discussion about things this morning.  Because of the pace at which things are going at this point, I estimated I could be finished and ready for the water sooner than expected.  I won't have all the more expensive systems in place but we could be out there daysailing and practicing later next summer.  She is still worried about the sailing part.  We have discussed getting her in a class this summer and sending the kids to sailing camp.  Then she made some remarks about my lack of fishing expertise, something else to work on.  I must admit that I have my doubts about handling something this big.  I know I will build it very strong and it will be forgiving but hey, this isn't something anybody I know has done.  Interestingly, the people we have met here in Nanticoke have all been