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This is my current project.  In a few years my family and I will be living aboard and cruising the world.  The boat we have decided upon is a sixty foot schooner (or brig) designed by yours truly.  Much of the inspiration has been taken from Beuhler's Backyard Boatbuilder, a book that has been inspirational in more ways than one.  It will be built of commonly available materials, a simple single chine design with all system kept simple and inexpensive.  I had been building the pieces I can in my city row home for over a year, some of which are below.  We now live in Nanticoke Maryland and have begun assembling all the pieces.  Below is the progress so far.  For those interested in the cost of such a project up to this point, adding up receipts for 2003 revealed a figure of around $2200.  Not bad so far!  Imagine how much less a forty footer would be!  Current Journal and Progress

Rachael inside the large hatch

Some finished peices-Dorade vent, cleat, handhold and hatch cover in the background

Frames stacked up in the basement.

Will at the wheel!

Roof beams on the form.