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I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend, sister-in-law and nurse. My family is just the most wonderful and important thing in my life. My husband, Mike, is my best friend. We truly have a beautiful relationship. He is a wonderful listener  as I have cried on his shoulder many times. We have a lot of fun together and we love to dream about our future. As you can read on our site we are building a sail boat on which we plan to live on and cruise to many places. We love to travel now with our children and seeing the world with them and experiencing these exciting  adventures is what our life is about. Our three children, Rachael, Will, and Rebekkah are blessings from God. We have been homeschooling them and using the PA virtual charter school which has given us freedom to go places quite often. Many people I talk to probably think I'm from another planet when I say I homeschool and that we are going to live on a boat .But I hope that they will see the desire we have for a less cluttered life is something worth perusing.  Oh, by the way my favorite foods are pizza and anything with peanut butter. I like reading mystery novels and listening to country music.