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Shalom to all my brothers and sisters seeking out the truth.

After months of work at Beit haKadosh, it is finally availble; the first introduction to Nazarene Judaism course. This course was designed to give a basic understanding of the topics listed below from the perspective of Nazarene Judaism. It includes a ten tape series, a leaders book with comprehensive notes and a student outline that can be copied and distibuted in a small group format. We have used this course in our bible study in an attempt to get the bugs worked out, make sure all the material was pertinent and that we did not leave any basic questions unanswered.

Here is the course outline;

1. OUR FOUNDATION; our relationship to G-d based on the three pillars of Judaism-Torah, Land and Community


3. G-D; What is our understanding ofd G-d and how He relates to us

4. TORAH:What is it and why is it important

5. COVENANT;a look at the covenants and how they define our realtionship to G-d

6. MESSIAH: Who was Yahushua and what was His mission?

7. SALVATION AND THE NATURE OF MAN What is biblical salvation and what does it mean to be made in the image of G-d?

8. CELEBATION AND TRADITION What do the traditions and Holy days mean for us


10. A VISION FOR NAZARENE JUDAISM; what does it all mean and what are we attempting to accomplish here

Now that you have the basic outline, allow me to say what this course is not. It is not a comprehensive statement of what all nazarenes believe or should believe. It is what we at Beit HaKadosh have found accurate and reliable. That is why it in "an" intro and not "The" intro. The basic statement of faith for Nazarenes is very basic for a reason and the info in this course goes far above and beyond that. Second, this is a Beit Hakadosh, Rav Mikha'el ministries project. This course is not endorsed by the International Nazarene Beit Din or SANJ although as a participant in both organizations, nothing in the course is deliberatly contrary but wholy supportive. So if you get the course, and you find some statement that you don't agree with, remember that it is the basic statement of faith as agreed to by the aforementioned organizations that define nazarene judaism, not me or this course. This is not an apologetic for Nazarene Judaism, we attempted to present the material in as positive a way as possible, no finger pointing or name calling. What the course is designed to do is give an individual a resource from which to put all the basics together in a way that we hope makes sense. To introduce a new paradigm of understanding we call Nazarene Judaism. To maybe connect some dots or even challenge you. And to give all you congegational leaders out there something to use and develop in order to introduce new (or old) people to Nazarene Judaism. And even as a way to develop a group from scratch as a bible study curriculum.

Those of you who know about Rav Mikha'el ministries know how I operate. I know that G-d has blessed me with men or information that have helped me to grow and learn and I freely pass that on. All of my material has always been avaliable to anyone who asks and that will remain the case. But this month has seen, in the expansion of the ministry options,( the main one's being this course and the Real Audio Torah Teachings) an sharp rise in costs. This ministry occasionally recieves gifts from some of you but is primarily supported by my pocketbook. So for those of you that have benefited, a gift to cover expenses would be greatly appreciated. And for this course, because it is so much more expensive to produce (and ship)on an ongoing basis than anything else at this point, I am suggesting a donation (to Rav Mikha'el Ministries) of $25. If you truly cannot afford it, it will be provided for you and if you can, and can cover the costs for somone who can't, anything extra will be appreciated. I have never asked for specific donations before but the expense of putting together a quality product has necessitated it.

Finally, and this is very important, all requests must be made by mail. E-mail requests will not be filled.

send to:

Rav Mikha'el Ministries

1053 N. 5th St

Reading, PA 19601

Please include your e-mail address so I can confirm your request.

I hope than any of you who order it find it valuable and we at Beit HaKadosh are honored to play a part in your spiritual growth and maturity.

Blessings in Yahushua,

Rav Mikha'el

Beit HaKadosh

Reading, PA