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Beit HaKadosh

Congregation Biet haKadosh is currently meeting in Reading, PA for worship and teaching every Shabbat at 10:30 AM. The address is 1722 N 10th St. (e-mail for directions). We would be happy to fellowship with you if you are ever in the area. The Lord has brought several families and individuals with a heart for Truth, Mashiyakh and Torah to worship, live and reach out with the truth in southeastern Pennsylvania. If anyone visiting this site has had experinece in starting a Nazarene or Messianic congregation and would like to share their experinces and insights, we would love to hear from you.

Our Vision

The creation of a Torah based and observant congregation of Jews and Geyrim who love the Mashiyakh Yahushua with all their hears, minds, souls and strength with the following as our purpose:

1 To proclaim the death and resurrection of Yahushua haMashiyakh to Jew and Gentile alike.

2 To call to repentance and mikhveh Jews who have forsaken the covenant Adonai made with them and Gentiles who have disregarded the Torah, joining the two in the faith and obedience that comes from being a talmid of Yahushua.

3 To teach Torah: Eduit, Mishpatim and Chukim, to all as the perfect way of life, following the example of Yahushua and the Talmidim.

4 To develop a theology and practice based first and foremost on the Torah as given by Moshe and fully explained and fulfilled in Yahushua haMashiyakh, while giving full consideration to the realities of the first century and the two millennia since.

What We Believe


Adonai, blessed and exalted be His Name, is One. His existence transcends time, He preceded every being that was created and there was no genesis to His beginning. He is unlike the corporeal or even the non-corporeal, His holiness is beyond comparison. He is master of the universe to every creature, all proclaim His greatness and His majesty.


Yahushua, the unique Son of God, being of the same nature and power as the Almighty, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life in accordance with the Torah of Moshe, performed miracles, was crucified for the atonement of His people in accordance with the Scriptures, was bodily resurrected three days later, ascended to heaven and currently sits at the right hand of God. He will return at the end of this age to usher in God's Kingdom on earth and will rule the world from Jerusalem with His people Israel for one thousand years.


Personal salvation and a place in the world to come is available only through the person and work of Yahushua the Messiah.


The Ruach haKodesh, being of the same nature and power as the Almighty, convicts the world of sin and regenerates and empowers the person of faith for holy living and service to the Creator.


The Torah of Truth the Almighty gave to His people Israel through Moshe, the greatest of the prophets. He will not exchange it nor discard it for another until heaven and earth pass away. It is the foundation upon which the rest of God's written revelation; the Prophets, Writings, Gospels and Epistles, stand upon. It is the final Authority for faith and practice.


Israel, the Jews, the descendents of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, are God's chosen people. He will never replace them with another. He has given them the Land and the Torah and called them to be a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation. The many privileges of citizenship are available to anyone through the Messiah and by embracing the responsibilities of Torah.


In this age and with finality in the resurrection, the Almighty will reward righteous people of faith and punish the wicked.