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    Peregrine is Latin for 'wanderer' or 'nomad'.  It is the name of this site for two reasons.  The first is because our family is embarking on a lifestyle that will be the essence of 'peregrine', we are becoming cruisers.  The second is because the name of the vehicle for our lifestyle, a sixty foot brig, is named 'Peregrine'.
    Our journey to this point is a combination of a lot of factors.  Some of them include a desire to live life and do all the things people usually wait until retirement to do and do them with our children.  We enjoy travel and seeing new places.  We want to drop out of our consumer driven society and simplify life.  We want to raise our children in a less threatening environment and with an appreciation for other peoples and cultures.  We desire the time to broaden our horizons, develop our talents, learn new skills and spend time with each other and whatever new friends we make along the way.  Finally, and most importantly, is a recognition that by following the nomadic pattern of most of the people in the Bible
spiritual development will reach a completely different level.
    This site is designed to chronicle our journey as a family as we make the transition from a land bound family immersed in western culture to nomadic world travelers.  You are welcome to browse and comment and I hope you will find something here that will assist you on this wonderful journey called life.

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Language is limited, whereas the truth is inexhaustible.  If you want to use language to explain the truth, the more you say, the farther away you will be.

The transmission of words is just the transmission of words.  If one has not experienced something for oneself, it is difficult to really believe.  Belief has nothing to do with the transmission of words but depends wholly on oneself.  If you overemphasize information, it is easy to

The Renaissance Man

    The concept of the Renaissance man is not something common to our day and to find it practiced is even more rare.  In the days of the Renaissance, a man could know almost everything there was to know about a wide variety of subjects.  He could not only talk intelligently about Philosophy, engineering, religion, art, politics, architecture, history, literature and science, he could engage in the pursuit of any of them with reasonable proficiency.  Such a man was known as a 'Renaissance Man'.
    Today, we live in a different culture.  We know much more yet we have so little wisdom.  We are a people of 'specialists' whose focus is very narrow.  Many are too lazy to engage in anything beyond the pop culture fed to them daily by the television.  Superficial things, physical attraction and the amount of consumerism one can engage is is now the measure of a man, not knowledge or wisdom.
    Does the renaissance man exist today?  Technically, no.  Our knowledge has become to vast for anyone to know even one subject, particularly in the sciences, very well.  In the general sense, yes, the Renaissance man can exist because the Renaissance man knows how to live.  He is not so fixated on future accomplishment that he cannot enjoy each moment to the fullest.  He sees beauty in everything God has made.  He can appreciate literature or deep theology and he can work with his hands.  He can speak intelligently on many subjects and has gotten his hands dirty in quite a few.  This is life. filling every moment with meaning, enjoying the time we have on this earth. 
    We are all on a journey, walking through life.  Some people put blinders on and stride toward some perceived goal only to be disappointed in the end.  Some just plop down in front of the TV and go nowhere.  The Renaissance man strolls along, smelling the flowers, stopping to talk to people he meets on the way, enjoying the scenery.  This site is a description of some of my journey.  You are welcome to walk along for a time, even if it is just in cyberspace.  Find something that interests you at the